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About Us


Thad & Esther

Early on in our relationship we realized that we loved to try out new recipes on each other and have never really stopped. Whether it is sweet or savory, mild or spicy, simple or complex - if it sounds enticing we've got to try it out. And just as much as we love combining new flavors and techniques to make something original we also love to remake old favorites.  


You'll often find us dreaming up new concoctions or drooling over some cookbook we've purchased or recently checked out from the local library. When it comes to food, our only requirement is that it is good, not just 'good' but really truly deliciously and decadently good. When every bite you take makes you go "Mmmmm...." and you have to keep eating until it is all gone, now THAT is good food!  


 We also have a love for our local farmer's market and the wide variety of fruits and veggies we get to devour each week and test out in our kitchen.  We hope you enjoy our recipes and have fun trying out different techniques that we've learned over the years. Now go wash those hands and put on your apron because it can get a little saucy in the kitchen!